Stoned Goat Brew

Madison Wisconsin has several exciting night time activities to offer anyone of any age. If you’re looking for a good time and a night on the town gotta check out the stone Goat Brewery. Now this particular now this particular Brewery is not just a microbrewery with beer. Contains high grade alcohol. Here’s the story if you’re looking […]

Corvette Capital

As a father with 3 kids on a Saturday morning I’m always looking for something to do and keep them busy. One of the great things about living in Madison Wisconsin is we have a variety of things to offer our kids and our families in the way of healthy activities. A few years ago my 11 year old […]

Port Washington, Wisconsin

If you live in Madison, Wisconsin and are looking for fun and exciting ventures in and around the area I have some great suggestions for you and your family. My family enjoys the lifestyle on the go. If you’re one of those families that are always looking for enriching environments for a family then Madison, Wisconsin is […]

Cherokee Marsh State Park

If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor experience in Madison Wisconsin you have to check out Cherokee Marsh State Park. If you’re looking for truly an outdoor experience that looks like it did thousands of years ago this particular Marshland offers you that unique look. This particular Marshland has been preserved as a fishery in […]

#4 How To Turn Non Wine Drinkers Into Wine Fans

I have several friends who didn’t drink wine, until I introduced them to it.  One of the most common reasons my friends gave for not drinking wine was, “It’s too expensive.”    That was closely followed by, “wine is for rich snobs.” It is a common misconception that good wine has to be expensive.  This misconception […]

#3 Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Wine?

Yearning to impress with a great new recipe, this holiday season ?  Instead of staring at the spice rack wondering what to pick, why not try livening up and lightening up several of your old standbys by adding wine? Cooking with wine doesn’t have to be complex or challenging.  It’s all about having fun with […]

#2 Moscato Wine: The Go To Holiday Gift

With the holidays approaching, it seems everyone is looking for the perfect gifts for family members, friends, and coworkers.  Finding wonderful gifts for everyone and staying within the holiday budget, doesn’t have to be a challenge.  Wine makes a wonderful holiday gift, when creatively presented. What wine to chose can seem a daunting challenge.  But, […]

#1. The Newbie’s Guide To Wine Tastings

You’ve been invited to a wine tasting.  Don’t panic and turn down the invitation. Just read this guide before attending and you will have a lot of fun. The dress code of such events usually ranges from semi formal to black tie.  No need to rush out for a tuxedo though.  A semi formal, New […]