#5 Weddings, Wine, and Wisconsin: The 3 W’s That Equal Wonderful

One doesn’t usually think of a winery as an ideal location for a small scale, impromptu, wedding reception. But, that is the scene that came to mind on a recent visit to the Fisher King Winery, located at 102 W. Main Street, in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.  In a quaint, off the beaten path, country surrounding the winery’s elegant tasting room boasts a simple, elegant European décor. There is enough seating for a small group of twenty or less people. The lighting is superb and will highlight even the most expensive, haute couture, beaded silk or satin gowns.   While designed to bring out the depth of the wine in your glass, the lighting in the room will be sure to produce some of the best wedding photos in the world.  In addition, local limo services, such as Limos of Madison, have memorized all routes leading to this local hot spot.  Limos of Madison limo service even go the extra mile to call ahead and clear the closest parking space to the door for special VIPs.

A classy spot to be sure, but add superb wine made on site, and you have got a wow factor that will  have your wedding put into the society column.   Fisher King Winery was, recently, named 2015 Wisconsin Winery of the Year.  This coming fast on the heels of winning an impressive silver medal, at the New York International Wine Competition.  The medal was awarded for their 2014 Marquette red wine.  The 2012 vintage of this wine won a gold medal at the 2013 International Eastern Wine Competition.   Another gold medal was awarded to the 2012 vintage by the American Wine Society.   An amazing eighty- six points were awarded to this wine in the 2015 Ultimate Wine Challenge.

Not only is this wine award winning, it is also the perfect wine for a wedding reception.   It is a full bodied, dry red wine that has color and depth of Valentine hearts.  The wine has an abundance of exceptionally well balanced aromas and flavors that are a delight to the senses.  Like a lover’s sensuous kiss, Fisher King Winery’s Marquette delivers an almost passionate dance of black cherry tones.  The soft tannin finish lingers almost like a caress. The wine is, itself, a perfect wedding of the best flavors a red wine can deliver.  At around $18.00 a bottle, it is simply the wine deal of the century.

Unfortunately, this Marquette wine was a limited release.  Rather than avoid a disappointing search for this wine for your wedding reception, it is best to bring the reception to the wine.  But, act fast.  As previous mentioned, this is a limited release and may not be available long.

If Fisher King Winery’s Marquette is no longer available when you arrive, there is no cause for alarm. Fisher King Winery has two more wines that are almost too good not to be an imaginary figment of a scene from an erotic romance novel. White Rapture wine is also award winning.  It is a sweet, sensual treat.  Tangerine and peach flavors entwine as smoothly as satin sheets and rose petals.

Adorned with a double gold medal and Best in Class award from the 2013 International Eastern Wine Competition, as well as numerous other awards, Fisher King Winery’s, Blue Rapture, another sweet white wine, blends peach, tangerine, apple, and other citrus flavors into something to be as desired as eternal love, itself.  Both, Blue Rapture and White Rapture are available under $20.00 a bottle.

Food need not be a worry.  The tasting room has cheese and sausage samplers, baguettes, cranberry bread, gourmet truffles and chocolates available on the menu. There is live music on Friday nights from 6 – 9 PM.

A few short phone calls. One to the winery, one to the airline, one to Limos of Madison, and a few to a small group of family and/or friends. Don’t forget to call a local Justice of the Peace or clergy to officiate, if needed. Then, all you need are flowers and a gown for the event. Simple weddings, wine, and Wisconsin are the 3 w’s that equal wonderful this winter wedding season.

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