Cherokee Marsh State Park

If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor experience in Madison Wisconsin you have to check out Cherokee Marsh

State Park. If you’re looking for truly an outdoor experience that looks like it did

thousands of years ago this particular Marshland offers you that unique look. This particular Marshland has

been preserved as a fishery in feeds into the Madonna Lake thousands and thousands of pounds of fish are

produced yearly out of this fishery and released by the DNR.


You can learn a large history of Wisconsin and their conservation efforts by going to the state park and speaking

with one of the Rangers. The Rangers of the State Park are very beneficial and understand the unique history of

the Marshland and the preservation that included in the early nineteen-hundreds. This particular area is filled with

no doubt ancient artifacts from the Cherokee Indian tribe. This particular area is filled with no doubt

ancient artifacts from the Cherokee Indian tribe. If you go out keep your eyes peeled along the small

creek beds and river banks for potential arrowheads.


This is an area that would have been heavily hunted during the period of early settling by Natalie the Native

Americans and by settlers and pioneers from the east. Lots of large game can be found in this area in the early

morning and at dusk drinking water. If you enjoy what we call in Wisconsin spotting deer with a large

luminescent flashlight this is an area that in the early morning or in the early evening you can see some of the

largest bucks and fawns in the state of Wisconsin. As this is a protected Forest Reserve these animals grow

not only in large numbers but also in stature and in size. One super enjoyable way to enjoy the marsh from a

unique vantage point is by kayak.


I would highly suggest bringing your own kayak however if you do not own one you could rent one from a place

there on the state preservation. Make sure to bring your camera as you are likely to see several large birds like

cranes, and eagles. The site seems truly majestic and if you go early in the year before April you can see

millions of fish spawning it is quite a unique site that you would enjoy if you saw it. The lifestyle that can be

lived in the Madison area is very unique. We have our feet firmly planted on our past and preservation as well

as pointing toward the direction of our future. So if you enjoy going out and seeing wilderness and then end the

night at a local brew pub you can have the best of both worlds.

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