Port Washington, Wisconsin

If you live in Madison, Wisconsin and are looking for fun and exciting ventures in and around the area I have some great suggestions for you and your family. My family enjoys the lifestyle on the go. If you’re one of those families that are always looking for enriching environments for a family then Madison, Wisconsin is the perfect place to raise a family.

One of the activities that we regularly enjoy in the Madison and surrounding areas is mountain biking. Wisconsin is known to have at least some of the top 10 best mountain biking trails in the United States. This is a little-known fact by most people in the area unless they are there to enjoy the outdoors that we have already.

A day trip that my family and I have enjoyed on several occasions is a trip to Port Washington, Wisconsin. If you near or in Madison take a 40-minute drive and head right toward Port Washington. If I blindfolded you would believe that you are somewhere on the East Coast; You would be staring at Lake Michigan which is an immense Lake pretending to be a lake but it really is the size of an ocean or sea.

This very unique Cliffs and Waterfront geography helps enhance your trip in and around the area of Port Washington and Madison. Wisconsin lifestyle is full of fun outdoors activities. The biking trails that you can train on in the Madison area are very easy. When you had an opportunity to enjoy the small rolling Kettle Moraine style trails and are looking for something more physically challenging check out Port Washington in the near future. If going to Port Washington is on your agenda then make sure you check out a fishing charter and get out into the lake and catch some seasonal fish. As part of the lifestyle that we enjoy in Madison we enjoy the prairie life but also enjoy the ability to have a wide range of geographical differences to enjoy.

If you’re looking to work up to a challenge like Port Washington’s geography with large hanging Cliffs I would highly suggest starting off riding your mountain bike in the Madison area at several of the parks that we have to offer. Spend a couple weeks getting your cardiovascular system use to the challenges of moving your own body weight.

If you live in the Madison, Wisconsin area and are looking for a suggestion for the best type of bike to own I would say that a good hybrid mountain slash city bike would be the ideal bike to own. Tires are expensive and changing them out can be very difficult at times. If you’re looking for the perfect bike for the Madison Wisconsin area that can handle Kettle Moraine as well as some light city driving this would be the obvious choice for you. Part of that live and play lifestyle is something that you can enjoy in the area because we do have great green spaces as well as fun boulevards for you to ride your bike on safely.

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