Corvette Capital

As a father with 3 kids on a Saturday morning I’m always looking for something to do and keep them busy. One of the great things about living in Madison Wisconsin is we have a variety of things to offer our kids and our families in the way of healthy activities.

A few years ago my 11 year old got into model making and he has enjoyed recreated small Corvettes. He has become a big enthusiast of all things American Muscle. One of the great parts about living in Madison is we have a place called Corvette capital. Corvette capital is a museum of every Corvette that’s ever been created in. It offers a number of different styles colors and years for you to look at and enjoy.

Corvette Capital also sells Corvettes, and people come from all over the world to purchase them. It’s amazing to hear some of the stories from the locals that own Corvette Capital talk about who some of their customers have been. All the way from princes of Dubai to A-list movie stars have purchased Corvettes from them.

If you’re really interested in the history of Corvettes you can learn all you want at Corvette capital. My eleven-year-old enjoyed talking muscle cars with some of the local owners of Corvette Capital. All of these people have a passion for that particular vehicle and know it inside and out. Down to the level of detail most of these Corvettes come with the original manual. If you’re looking to get out on Corvettes this is the place to go. Aside from several Corvettes they also offer several different Chevy Style. You can enjoy at least one to two hours there minimum by walking around Corvette capital. If you know somebody that is a Corvette enthusiasts make sure you make the suggestion to them if they come to town.

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