Stoned Goat Brew

Madison Wisconsin has several exciting night time activities to offer anyone of any age. If you’re looking for a good time and a night on the town gotta check out the stone Goat Brewery. Now this particular now this particular Brewery is not just a microbrewery with beer. Contains high grade alcohol. Here’s the story if you’re looking for a good time and a night on the town and Madison you gotta check out the stone go. If you like an occasional Martini or a Cape Cod.

This place hands down makes the best distilled vodka around. I personally know these guys and they are completely dedicated to their craft. Their back story is completely amazing. They care so much about the grains that they used to produce they’re hard grain alcohol that thang around themselves. They are a real standout when it comes to microbreweries of any type of distilling. Again and know that it starts with the grain and then moves to the pureness of the water these guys can sit back and tell you the entire story. If you’re going to get out and enjoy the time like If you’re going to get out and enjoy the time like that at the Stone to go. Make sure you bring a driver. If you really want to have a good time and don’t want to bring a designated driver. My best suggestion is try limo of Madison. That’s what we did and we took 12 people in a limo and had a blast. Check out the stone goat for a great night out. Of course I’ve droned on and on about how good the drinks are but forgot to mention how great the food is too. If you’re looking for some great local fare and of course because it’s Madison and Wisconsin you can get all things cheese-related. And let’s face it what you had a few hot toddies anything cheese taste great.

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