State Capital


Madison Wisconsin has a variety of activities to offer. What are the activities that my family and I have enjoyed throughout the years has been visiting the state capitol. In Madison we have a very highly educated local economy.  Years ago this was never the exception we have always been a location that has been highly educated. The state capital offers a very unique and historic view of our state. Throughout the day Monday through Friday you can get a tour of the still working State Capitol. A couple of years ago the state capital was the site of a very famous protest by the NEA.

This particular location has been a hotspot for political movements throughout its history. Not lost a time and complete leaves still relevant in the local media you will find the state capital being used as a backdrop. The state capital is a full of historians that would love to tell your local lore and stories. If you’re looking for an enriching afternoon take the time and visit the state capitol in Madison Wisconsin. You will enjoy the amazing architecture and the Beautiful rotunda from within. This still working capital will have your congressmen and state senators available with regular office hours for visitation. Stop by and make sure they know that you care and that you’re there to visit.

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