Henry Vilas Zoo

Madison Wisconsin is full of great family fun activities.  My family and I enjoy going to Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison Wisconsin for several different occasions throughout the year. The great part about this particular who is the patrons are constantly supporting it and helping grow the zoo through donations and charitable fundraisers.

Here in Madison Wisconsin we have a world-class zoo with amazing exhibits that you can view year-round. One of the ways that we have enjoyed the zoo is through the several opportunities we’ve had to go to birthday parties, graduation, and charity events hosted by the local patrons.  Every time we go limos of Madison has given us a ride in one of their elegant limousines.  They’ve been a great partner to the zoo helping them host through vents in world-class style. Every time we go to the zoo in Madison we have the opportunity to study new and different animals in environments that are created to look like a natural surroundings. My children have learned a lot from these experiences as they offer not only the experience of visiting the animals but teaching professors that work at the zoo.

Every one of the volunteers is extremely helpful and excited to be there. You can feel the energy from everyone that works at the zoo that they really want to be at their job.  You can tell it’s more of a passion for everyone there. When you get to the zoo there are many exhibits that you can enjoy it’s important to prioritize which ones you would like to see primarily based on exhibits getting extremely busy. My advice to you if you go to visit the zoo in Madison is enjoy every part of it but make a few choices early on as to which exhibits would be most important to you and your family. Also enjoy meals at every venue available. I cannot say enough about how great the food is at the zoo. You shouldn’t be disappointed with any place that you try.

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