Madison Memorial Museum

Madison Wisconsin has several exciting opportunities to learn about our veterans and the people that paid the price for Freedom right from here in Madison Wisconsin. My family and I personally enjoy going to the veterans memorial museum is located downtown Madison very close to the capital. One of the previous blog about Madison Wisconsin included the trip to the capital. Within just a few blocks you could walk over to the Veterans Museum and enjoy the many displays that they have. This Memorial Museum to Wisconsin veterans is focus primarily on people in the area that have served.

The history is long and deep with the Veterans Museum. They have built several interactive displays that easily teach you about some of the people that gave the ultimate price. They go back in Focus as far as the Civil War veterans that volunteer from the area. This very unique history follows along through every Skirmish and War through World War 1, World War II, and every engagement since then.

The Vietnam memorial is especially touching as Wisconsin has had many men give their lives for that war. Still in development for the Memorial dedicated to those who gave their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. This particular museum is a diligent reminder of the true colors of our community. People of every walk race and Creed make up the network of people with in the Madison Wisconsin area. This equally balanced Museum focuses on all of the people in that tapestry. Make sure you take the time to enjoy this Jewel of the Midwest with your family soon.

If you call ahead you can have a tour guide for a larger group. I would highly advise getting a larger group together as the historian that work at the museums are extraordinary wealth and gifted with the information that they have. By going in a large group you can also get more attention and more information that you can generally not unlock to the public. Make sure you take advantage of this hot tip when you visit the veterans Museum in Madison Wisconsin.

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